LED derby effect light spreads multicolored, chasing beams throughout the room Enhance light shows with blackout, static and strobe effects Increase flexibility with individual control of red, green and blue LEDs within each of the 6 clusters Activate built-in automated programs in DMX mode Easily access built-in, sound-activated programs in master/slave or DMX mode 

Complete wash lighting solution designed for mobile entertainers • Achieve total room or stage coverage with 4 individually adjustable heads • Easily set-up and tear down in minutes using the included tripod, footswitch and carry bags • Easily set-up and tear down in minutes using the included tripod, footswitch and carry bags • Low-profile lights are 1.6 in deep • Create large, coordinated light shows with other 4BAR fixtures in master/slave mode • Create large, coordinated light shows with other 4BAR™ fixtures in master/slave mode • Generate a synchronized show in master/slave mode with easy-to-access, built-in automated programs 

LED Par designed for any application in need of a compact wash light

Low-profile fixture fits most places other lights cannot

deal for quiet applications due to silent operation and no moving parts

Convenient access to RGB color mixing and static colors without DMX

Trigger eye-catching effects with built-in automated programs via Master/Slave or DMX mode

Increase standalone versatility with multiple user-configurable settings

Achieve flicker-free video operation with high-frequency LED dimming

The Hybrid HMH Gobo Moving is  a 30W (when all LEDs are on) effects Light with DMX channels and an array of operation modes such as: Sound Control/Stand Alone/Master and Slave and DMX control

Longman parcan 177
Dixon RGB Laser
Dixon YPV Laser
Dixon blue Laser
Chauvet megamoon

Compact fog machine emits thick bursts of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes Features a 3.3 l tank capacity and quick, 5-minute heat up time for an output of 20,000 cfm Easily control using the manual fog button or included, timer remote Enhance operation and safety with the LED-illuminated tank, low-fluid indicator and automatic shutdown feature 

Compact, water-based fog machine offers a manually adjustable output angle of 180° Advanced fluid sensor, with automatic shut-off protects the pump from overheating Easily set DMX address from the digital display Features a large tank capacity and quick heat up time to get the party started Easily control using the manual fog button or included timer remote LED-illuminated tank enhances operation and safety 

Produces a pyrotechnic-like effect by emitting 25-foot-high blasts of color, fog and light Functions as a dramatic effect or powerful fogger Great for weddings, clubs, and small stages Wireless control of independent colors using the included remote Increase mounting options with vertical or horizontal mounting capabilities Achieve precise timing with instant on/off technology Create customized looks in DMX mode Easily set DMX functions and stand-alone settings using the digital display 

Chauvet Xpress 512 is a self-contained DMX-512 interface for the ShowXpress software. The interface is capable of transmitting one universe of DMX and works on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Multiple units can be connected for multiple universes of control. Users can store and playback one

SoundSwitch is a new seamless DMX lighting DJ Unit for your DJ Controller that syncs with your DJ software to give you the ultimate ligthing experience, the unit works on most DJ Software, just visit their website for more info



12" active speaker 220w

Power: 200w LF Drivers 8 Ohm 

20w  8 Ohm tittanium Diaphragm

1.35" voice coil


The Peavey P2™ powered line array system is the perfect solution to provide a wide audience coverage in a low profile package. With incredible 20Hz to 20kHz amplifier fidelity in a super compact design, this portable PA system delivers clarity and performance previously unavailable in this category.

Eight custom 4" drivers deliver pristine clarity whether you are a DJ or a performing artist. The P2's 12" sub is the perfect combination of portability and punch. On board advanced DSP provides optional frequency boost/cut for a variety of audio applications

The compact XENYX X1222USB mixer allows you to effortlessly achieve premium-quality sound. Channels 1 - 4 feature our XENYX Mic Preamps, renowned for their pristine performance, plus 2 of the 4 stereo channels accept XLR inputs, as well as Line-Level sources. All mono channels get our ultra-musical “British” 3-band EQs and easy-to- use “one-knob” compressors for the ultimate in punch and clarity. Add to this our 24-bit, dual engine Multi-FX processor with 16 editable, professional-grade presets that include reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and multi-effects – and the X1222USB becomes an incredibly versatile mixer for your live performances.

But the XENYX X1222USB wasn’t just designed to handle your live gigs; it also provides the state-of-the-art tools you need to make stunning, professional-quality recordings. Along with their built-in USB/audio interfaces, the XENYX X1222USB comes with all the recording and editing software needed to turn your computer system into a complete, high-performance home recording studio.

The legendary Shure SM58 vocal microphone is designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. Its tailored vocal response for sound is a world standard for singing or speech. A highly effective, built-in spherical filter minimizes wind and breath "pop" noise. A unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while minimizing unwanted background noise.

Rugged construction, a proven shock-mount system, and a steel mesh grille ensure that even with rough handling, the SM58 will perform consistently, outdoors or indoors.



Take command of the DJ booth with the standalone MCX8000 and transform an ordinary set into a full concert experience. Two hi-definition display screens monitor Denon DJ’s powerful standalone operation with Serato DJ Pro waveform and library control too. It’s fully loaded with a 4-channel digital mixer that comes with 3 built-in instant effects for Engine USB and line inputs. The solid metal construction is buttoned-up with velocity-sensitive performance pads for hot-cues, rolls, slicer and samples.



You have the advantage of having the best of both worlds, since the MCX8000 is compatible with the latest Serato DJ Pro software and enables you to use 4-channels simultaneously. There is also a DVS upgrade package, giving the MCX8000 unlimited possibilities for DJs wanting traditional ‘vinyl control. In addition, Serato DJ Pro’s new ‘practice mode’ enables you to prepare and practice your DJ sets before connecting to the MCX8000, so you’re always ready for any gig eventuality.



Transition between two DJs with ease! There are no interruptions between sets as Engine software enables the DJ to perform with the MCX8000 via USB or Serato DJ Pro while in sync with the vibe. There are two USB ports for flash drives and at the rear of the MCX8000 there is a powered USB port for external hard drive used with Serato DJ Pro. If the worst happens with a dreaded computer crash, Engine Prime’s twin USB channels are your ultimate back-up too.



Built with onboard sound effects and a 24-bit pristine sound, the MCX8000 delivers a high-quality controller with XLR outputs for both the DJ booth and PA system. To top off the amazing sound, there are three sound effects built in: echo, phaser and noise. The MCX8000 also brings two dedicated microphone channels, with no compromise of the 4 channel faders – take dual and ultimate control of your mic performance!



The MCX8000 is the world’s first DJ media player/controller to have its own built-in, independent performance software and which interfaces seamlessly with Serato DJ Pro too. In addition, Engine Prime v 2.1 firmware now brings even more performance capabilities and hardware customization to the MCX8000. Included, are waveform beatgrid display and editing, microphone and USB talkover/attenuation control plus performance enhancing quantized beat-sync too!